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Graduate Housing Assistance Grants (GHAGS)

*Update as of June 2024*

All students that applied for the Graduate Housing Assistance Grants should have received notification regarding your status for this program.

If you are still awaiting notification, please contact Graduate Professional Student Association (GPSA) basic needs representative at .

For students that have been notified that you are approved for a grant, due to The Grad Division transitioning to a new financial payout system, please expect a payout by August 1st. subject to change depending on system processing delays. 

As a reminder, you must be an actively enrolled student to receive the stipend at the new payout date, meaning that you need to be enrolled in summer OR fall quarter 2024. GPSA sincerely apologizes for any stress and disappointment this may cause.

Graduate Housing Assistance Grants FAQ

1. Is this award a one time payment?

Yes, this payment will not be distributed monthly. It is a one time award.

2. How will the award be distributed?

Graduate Division Students:

For Domestic Students, Permanent Residents or otherwise, the award will be distributed through the Tritonlink Student Aid Management (SAM) system either by direct deposit or a paper check.

For International Students, the award will be paid directly through Oracle Financial System. 

Students that do not have a UC Path ID will be paid via direct deposit set up via Payment Compass or the new system Payment Works.

If the student has a UCPath ID in Oracle then the stipend will be paid based on the payment method in that system.

School of Medicine (SOM) and Skaggs Students:

Funds will be disbursed to the student accounts first and processed as a refund 2-3 business days later.

3. I am not signed up for direct deposit, how will I receive the award?

Direct deposit can be set up at:

If you do not have direct deposit set up, a check will be sent to the mailing address on file in TritonLink.

School of Medicine and Skaggs:

A paper check will be sent to the address the student has in Tritonlink at the time the refund processes. I highly suggest the students make sure this address is accurate before the funds are disbursed.

4. If I am moving, will a check be sent to my old address?

If you are moving, and not set up for a direct deposit, the check will be sent to whatever address is in TritonLink at the time the refund processes. Please make sure to update this address to reflect whichever place is best suited for you to receive mail while moving.