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The UC San Diego Basic Needs Off Campus Housing Office recognizes that home is not always a physical space, but a secure caring feeling and sense of stability. All of our resources and educational initiatives aim to assist students through the housing search process, spectrum of housing stability, and comfortability with off-campus living. 

Off-Campus Housing

  • UC San Diego offers a variety of services through the Basic Needs Off-Campus Housing Office and other departments to assist students in achieving housing stability.
  • Through the Basic Needs Off-Campus Housing Office, you can get connected to various Off-Campus Housing options and resources. 
  • The Basic Needs Off-Campus Housing Office offers resources to aid students in the transition from on-campus living to off-campus living. 
    • Students can schedule a housing consultation to review off-campus housing options, receive general first-time lease signing information, as well as move-in and move-out resources. 
    • The Off-Campus Housing Office can also connect students to appropriate housing-related departments on campus. 
  • The Basic Needs Off-Campus Housing Office assists students in a variety stages of the housing security spectrum. 
    • “Housing insecurity” is an umbrella term, used to describe the degree of housing issues a person may face. 
    • Houselessness (homelessness) is often associated with housing insecurity, but that is only one end of the spectrum--housing affordability, housing instability (moving often), and housing quality are examples of issues that fall on the housing security spectrum. 
  • Off-Campus Housing Website
    • UC San Diego students can search for housing, roommates, moving information/documents, and off-campus living resources. Access this website by using your sign-on credentials.
  • NEW: Zillow Feature - for a $29 fee, prospective renters can apply to an unlimited number of participating rentals for 30 days, and also includes credit and background reports.
    • Note: this is a soft pull on your credit, meaning your credit score won't be affected
  • NEW: Housing Instability Prevention Program - (HIPP) helps pay rent and other housing-related expenses for families in the City of San Diego with low income and unstable housing situations, such as facing eviction for nonpayment of rent.
    • Note: Funding is limited. Program can assist approximately 300 households. Through March 2023.

UC San Diego’s Official Housing Search Engine

Students, staff, and faculty may visit our Off-Campus Housing Website to search for roommates and create their own roommate profiles, review property listings for rooms, apartments, and shared rentals. Have a Listing or a Sub-Lease? Add it to our site and share it with your greater Triton community. Visit our resource page on the site to access off-campus housing information.

Off-Campus Housing Website

Housing Educational Materials

The Basic Needs Off Campus Housing Office at UC San Diego is hosting a 6-Week educational campaign during Spring Quarter to breakdown the mundane that is the housing search process. The series begins by centering the content in the deep understanding that housing is a systemic issue that is further inflated by the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic & California Housing Crisis. Follow our series on our @ucsdbasicneeds Instagram and Tik Tok page.

Educational Campaign 2022

Off-Campus Housing Webinar: Summer 2021

This webinar includes presentations from The Hub Basic Needs Center/Off-Campus Housing, Office of Ombuds, Student Legal Services, Transportation Services, Associated Students (AS), and Student Life, sharing more information for students that may be considering living off-campus, or will continue to do so for Summer/Fall of 2021. Topics will include: information on first-time renting, housing search platforms/tips, leasing process, and undergraduate/graduate housing on-campus. 

Helpful Links

House Hunting Tips

Finding the right place can take some effort. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you as you search for off-campus housing.

Housing Tips

Off-Campus Rental Forms

Access forms that will help you when renting an off-campus property.

Rental Forms

Tenants, Landlord, & Roommate Responsibilities

Learn about your responsibilities as a tenant and the responsibilities of your landlord and any roommate(s).

Renting Responsibilities