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Triton Food Pantry

Our campus has taken direct actions to increase food security for UC San Diego undergraduate and graduate students through the creation of a spectrum of food resources for students to explore! This means having the availability of nutritionally adequate and culturally reflective safe foods, ability to acquire such foods in a dignified way, and accessibility to prepare meals.

Who Can Use the Pantry? 

Registered UC San Diego students paying tuition fees can utilize the pantry.

How does the Pantry Work? 

  • Items are assigned a point value and a student is able to pick up 15 points worth of food per week.
  • Produce is 0 points but limits will be set daily.
  • We suggest students arrive early, but in the event of longer lines, students will be notified before closing whether they will be able to utilize the pantry.
  • Students are encouragd to mask and follow any safety protocols.
  • Students are expected to bring their own reusable bags.
  • We ask that students only touch items that they are planning on taking to avoid contamination.
  • After selecting items, students will go to the front desk to checkout and have their student ID entered for the week.
  • Students are no longer allowed to take items for other people, apart from spouses or in special cases.
Pantry Guide
How does the Pantry Work? 

The Triton Food Pantry is in partnership with the San Diego Food Bank and Garden of Eden. At the food pantry, a variety of dried goods, canned goods, and fresh produce are available to students.

How do I know if myself and/or my fellow student friends might be having food security challenges?

  • Do you or friends anticipate missing a meal this week?
  • Are you or friends deciding between buying a book or buying food?
  • Is finding transportation to affordable and culturally reflective grocery stores causing stress for not being able to eat on your ideal budget?
  • Then, come take a visit to the pantry! We're here for you.

Doordash Relaunch

The Triton Food Pantry is happy to announce that we will be relaunching our Doordash program through Project DASH! The first delivery is scheduled to be Thursday July 13th.


Do you live within 10 miles from our graduate housing pantry location? Would you prefer having a pre-packaged bag delivered to you instead of visiting our locations? If you said yes to any questions above, you may qualify for our delivery service!

Sign up below and follow the instruction on this form at least two days in advance of the scheduled delivery and this will count as your one pantry visit for the week. If cancellation is required, inform the staff via email three days in advance at


Sign Up Now!



Find Us

Follow us on Instagram (@tritonfoodpantry) to see locations of our pop-up pantry & other related events/ information. We have two locations, one at Student Center A (across from Uncle's Italian restaurant) and one at Graduate Housing (a.k.a. "OMS," located at 3605 Miramar St.).

Call: (858) 534-5694

Pantry Podcasts

Click the button below to browse through the pantry's podcasts and accompanying Powtoon videos to learn more about what we do!


Meal Ideas With Pantry Items

Click below to see a list of meal ideas you can make with some of the pantry items available to you.


Pantry Staples for College Students

Click below to see a list of pantry items each college student should have in their pantry.


Services Provided

Triton Food Pantry provides a range of services including: care packages, emergency food relief, basic needs events, & various pop-up locations on campus. To request Triton Food Pantry tabling at educational workshops or events, please contact us at


Get Involved

If you’re a UC San Diego Student interested in volunteering with the Triton Food Pantry, please check out our Facebook page for updates and instructions.

Facebook Page


UC San Diego employees can set up recurring gifts through payroll deduction. Campus departments and community partners can support the pantry through food drives with prepackaged foods. You can also come by the pantry during open hours to drop off food items, or departments (on main campus) can email ( to arrange a pickup.