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About Us

Since the launch of the UC Global Food Initiative in 2015, UC San Diego has taken strategic action to ensure students have access to a variety of resources to meet their Basic Needs.

We are carrying out a charge of priorities set for Basic Needs security so that each UC San Diego student has the opportunity to focus on their academic excellence. 

As a passionate campus community ally, it is our highest goal to serve students with respect, offer referrals to on and off campus resources based on their Basic Needs to increase accessibility to food, housing, and financial resources. 


Connect with us!

If you have concerns with access to one or more than one type of Basic Needs resource, please complete a Basic Needs Assistance FormWe would love to connect with you as thousands of students face these same challenges each academic year.


UC San Diego Basic Needs Initiatives is a collection of services provided by campus partners to work with both undergraduate and graduate students who have concerns with access to Basic Needs resources. The Hub's services are categorized by Food Security, Housing Resources, and Financial Wellness.


The Hub Basic Needs Center’s mission is to address the gaps and concerns students have with accessing nutritious food, stable housing, and financial wellness resources. We are committed to equitably minimizing basic needs challenges for all students.


We strive to increase equitable access to food, housing, and financial wellness resources for all students by breaking down barriers and engaging in transformative dialogues surrounding students’ basic needs so they can focus on their academic success contributing to holistic well-being.