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Food Security
Financial Wellness
Housing Stability

We Get The Basics Covered

Basic Needs refers to the most essential resources required to thrive as a student, which includes access to nutritious food, stable housing, and financial wellness resources.

The Hub is a new UC San Diego space that offers students the opportunity to engage in and link to Basic Needs resources. We are open as of Winter Quarter 2018!

We provide resource referrals for registered UC San Diego students from a collective of on campus program collaborations and off campus program partnerships in the greater San Diego area.

Are you interested in learning more about Basic Needs insecurity? Find out what UC San Diego is doing and how YOU, whether staff, faculty, student, or community member can support the cultivation of a Basic Needs secure campus community.


The Hub Basic Needs Center addresses the gaps and concerns students have with accessing nutritious food, stable housing, and financial wellness resources. We are committed to transforming dialogues surrounding the basic needs of students so they can focus on their academic success contributing to holistic well-being.


We strive to increase equitable access to food, housing, and financial wellness resources for all students by breaking down barriers and transforming the UC San Diego community.


We want to ADDRESS basic needs insecurities that students face. We hope to PROVIDE all necessary resources. We wish to BREAK stigma surrounding basic needs. We want to FOSTER a sense of belonging for every student. We wish to BUILD community to help one another.

Cooking on a budget

Cooking On a Budget is dedicated to teaching students how to cook easy and healthy meals using produce from UC San Diego's Triton Food Pantry. To check us out in-person and taste a sample of our newest recipe, stop by The Hub on Thursdays between 12:30-1:30pm! These demonstrations are made possible by the UC's Global Food Initiative, The Hub Basic Needs Resource Center, and the Triton Food Pantry.

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Upcoming Events

Food Recovery Distributions

September 26th - December 14th

Food Recovery Distributions

Mini Clinic

September 26th - December 14th

Grocery Shuttle

Peer Educator hiring

September 26th - December 14th

Hiring Basic Needs Peer Educator

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We are located at the Original Student Center, Building A, Room E-100, to the left of the Triton Food Pantry.

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